League Table

Team Match Points League Points
1st Haywards Heath Harriers 751.5 17
2nd Harlow AC 687.5 16
3th Paddock Wood AC 418 12
4th Dorking & Mole Valley AC 244 6
5th Chiltern Harriers 157 7
6th Swale Combined AC 95 4


Match 3 at Crawley [A v C v H v E v S v D] | 20th Jul 2013
1st Haywards Heath Harriers 251.5
2nd Harlow AC 242.5
3th Paddock Wood AC 146.0
4th Dorking & Mole Valley AC 131.0
5th Chiltern Harriers 50.0
6th Swale Combined AC 34.0


Crawley 20th July

Well done to all who participated in this final match of the SWL season. It was great to have a large turnout and doubly so to have the need of a coach to take the team and supporters to the match! The match ebbed and flowed between us and Haywards Heath. Whilst I thought we could win on the day I felt that they were canny enough to keep themselves in front in terms of match points; this proved to be the case. They eventually saw us off and even extended their lead by a further 8.5 points. Still, to be second by 62 points over a season is a huge and positive step forward for us.

I am very proud of you all and of what you have achieved individually and for the club. There have been some real highlights and here are just some:
Naomi’s imperious form in what was supposed to be a transition year for her; Dawn, Steph and Issie’s ‘do anything’ approach - they’ve covered a ridiculous number of events between them!; the consistency of Amy, Eleanor, Ellie and Abbie – I have appreciated and relied upon this over the season. Consequently, they have been rewarded with falling times or increasing distances; the willingness of Eryn to step up and take on a tough event like the 300 hurdles; all the cameos made by a number of individuals – all of which contributed valuable points to the effort – Katie, Megan Louan and Amy and all the Under 13 girls who will have picked up valuable experience for the future; the fantastic support given by you all to Rosa and, indeed, her own efforts; the rain at Watford!; the first senior relay at Erith – being able to put out B teams in relays; all the Owen family performances; Bob’s ‘no-show’ at Erith as he let himself get a lift with Chris Clark – who cheekily kidnapped him and took him to the men’s match instead!
As you can see so many memories that all go to highlight what a special season this has been. In the newspaper report I write that UKWAL Div 3 is an achievable goal and I sincerely believe this and hope that you will stick together as long as possible to realise this.
Well done to everybody who has contributed any performance at all to this memorable season.

Southern Women’s League, Watford 15th June

I thought that Erith might have been difficult to top but as they say, ‘success breeds success.’ I think that word must have gone around about how good Women’s League is as we had even more athletes; even more points and, therefore even more success. 256 points and a win! (I am writing this on Sunday evening and I still can’t stop grinning!) Overturning the 55 point deficit that we have won’t be easy but there are one or two more girls to come back in and I’m sure that you’ll give it a damn good go.

I was so proud of each and every one of you and did try to get round to you all to say ‘thank you’ personally on Saturday so sorry if I missed you.  This isn’t just because I’m a polite chap (!) it’s because your success really means something, let me explain.
There are those of us who remember dismal days of just one or two athletes attending matches and being looked at with a mixture of pity and, in some cases, contempt by other clubs. The club was on its knees and the best future we could hope for was to coach youngsters until a bigger club took them away.
I don’t know what changed but three years ago a group started to form prepared to stick around and who started to bring friends of theirs to the club. Slowly but surely the group began to string a few results together and weren’t quite so distant when compared to other team’s scores.
Then, last year, a number of the group started turning out regularly for the Women’s team and we finished a respectable fourth. I think that they could see that they were not outclassed and this gave them great confidence. They may also have told their friends as this season I have had no trouble getting people to compete.
The nucleus has been complemented by a new intake of talented young ladies that has resulted in the success that we’ve enjoyed to date. As word spreads to the younger athletes you give them something to aspire to and create the right atmosphere to grow a club.
It doesn’t matter if we beat Hayward’s Heath or not really; the fact that we have a competitive team with more youngsters below you is a reward in its own right. You are a special bunch and you will be remembered by me as the team that vindicated my belief in the potential of Harlow, which is what your success means. Thank you to you all!   

Results will be on the Club Notice Board from Tuesday.


Southern Women’s League, Erith 18th May

What a fantastic day; 189 Match Points, second place and some fantastic performances all around! It is obvious from these bare bones that the turnout was good and only five events were left uncovered. I am so proud of you all, thank you for a fantastic day!
Under 15
The team today was 50% Owen sisters, Hannah, Annabel and Louise plus Ellie Williams, Amy Edwards and Abbie Campbell. Between them they managed to cover all but two events. Beyond that they put in some good performances:
Abbie won her 100m, came second in her 200m and third in her Shot Putt; Ellie won her hurdles, the High Jump and the ‘B’ Javelin; Annabel was second in the ‘B’ 100m and third in the ‘B’ Shot Putt; Hannah was third in the ‘B’ 200m, first in the Long Jump and second in the ‘A’ Javelin; Louise made a valuable cameo appearance in the High Jump. Finally, Amy came second in the 800m before dashing off to a swimming meet.
I think several PBs were matched or bettered so congratulations to you all.

Senior Women
The Senior Women’s team was predominantly made up of U17 women which makes their performances all the more admirable, competing as they were against some strong senior women. The team was; Amy Hunt, Rosa Huntingdon, Katie Templeton-Knight, Naomi Harryman, Erin Madsen, Steph Fuller and Isobel and Eleanor Moss:
Amy Hunt was second in both the 100m and 200m and first in the ‘B’ Long Jump; Rosa Huntignton made a welcome debut and finished fourth in the ‘B’ 100m. She also managed a distance of 7.77m as a non scorer which would have placed her in second place in the B javelin; Isobel had a busy day filling gaps in the 200m and 1500m, achieving third place in both. She also won the ‘B’ 800m; Katie won the ‘A’ 800m before she, too, had to dash off to swimming; Naomi had a good day and was first in all her events, the Long Jump, Triple Jump and 80m Hurdles; Erin won the 300 hurdles, was second in the 80m hurdles and third in the High Jump; Steph was 1st in the ‘B’ Shot, second in the Discus and Hammer and second in the ‘B’ Javelin. Although, perhaps her finest performance was in the Triple Jump! Finally, Eleanor was second in the ‘B’ Discus and fourth and second respectively in the Shot and Javelin. 
There were some cracking performances that will certainly have moved individuals up the rankings both locally and nationally and PBs were definitely broken. Well done to you all too.
Both teams put out 4 x 100 relay teams and were involved in two exciting races, finishing second each time. The U15s clocked a time of 59.3s and the Senior Women 55.7s
Well done ladies and let’s hope that our ‘home’ fixture in June is just as successful!




Southern Women’s League: Further Details

Dear Athletes,
At last, we have details of confirmed venues for the Southern Women’s League, they are as follows:
May 18th          Erith
June 15th          Watford           We are the joint hosts for this fixture
July 20th           Crawley
There are two age categories only; Senior Women and Under 15, and all U13 and U15 athletes are eligible in the junior category. Equally, all athletes from U17 to Vets are included as Senior Women.
This year, Division 1 has six teams in it; Chiltern Harriers, Dorking & Mole Valley AC, Harlow AC, Haywards Heath Harriers, Paddock Wood AC, Swale Combined AC
We were third last year and only narrowly so behind Paddock Wood, I’m sure we can match them again! Haywards Heath were the promoted club from last season and will be quite competitive too, I feel. With only three fixtures getting numbers out will be essential. If we can get a good turnout at each match I believe we have a genuine shot at promotion to the Premier Division to mix with the likes of Windsor and Slough and Victoria Park.
I will publish further details nearer each match but please put these dates in your diary. I will be taking on the role of Women’s Manager and have already set up an account for youth business; please feel free to contact me using:
steveharlowac@yahoo.co.uk  or try s.lott@aldwickbury.org.uk

We look forward to your participation, let’s get out and compete!

Thank you all for your support.
Yours sincerely,
Steve Lott, SWL Team Manager.        (m) 07887 888909